Top 5 Best IPhone IOS Launcher For Android

Hello all Android users!! are you looking for iPhone launcher for android? Okay, Here is top 5 best and beautiful iOS launcher for android smartphone or tablet launcher. What means that? That mean you can enjoy iPhone favor on your android smartphone. Some people are always looking for iOS launcher for android. In Google Play Store lots of launchers are available both free and paid. You know, iOS is also a popular mobile operating system of Apple. But Android is most popular and better then apple ios. The most interesting thing of android is its customization. People are easily can customize their android mobile or smartphone using some android launcher or trusted 3rd party apps. In this post i will share 5 best iPhone launcher for android. You could easily make your android as a iPhone.

5 Best IPhone Launcher For Android Smartphone And Tablet

It is very easy to user any iPhone launcher on Android mobile. In previous post we already published another post that 5 Best Download Manager for Android. If you want then you should try these faster downloader apps for android mobile. iPhone themes for android is most popular at some android mobile users. These people are always try to make their smartphone more attractive and more beautiful. That’s why they looking for various launcher apps on Play store. You know, Apple product is more expensive in the world. That’s why some people can’t use apple’s product. Although they are willed. An iPhone users know that, iPhone’s Interface (UI) is most suitable and sensitive. Okay guys, if you’re an Android users, then don’t worry. In this post i will share best iPhone themes for android smartphone and tablet phone.
If you wanna then, you can download these launcher file as apk and if you wanna then also could get it from google play store. I recommended you get if from play store. Then you could get latest and updated version. Okay now lets start to sharing top 5 best iPhone Launcher for Android.

ILauncher 7 I5 Theme For Android

Its another most popular and most installed iPhone themes for android. iLauncer 7 is gives you iOS 7 on your android smart phone or android tablet. You can enjoy iOS7 favor using iLauncher 7 for android apk. This is best iPhone themes. It have lots of features that you can customize easily. This apps become very popular withing some days. 

iLauncher 7 i5 Theme HD Free delivers quite a new way to discover your android smartphone and also it changes the way you look your smartphone and tablet phone. iLauncher 7 completely new and refreshing way to start with.we all know that we are bored old android koppelvlak, this is something which you would love to use, it has many basiese, smart and intelligent features which you would enjoy to use after installing.It also gives you a HD koppelvlak so that your eyes will gonna surely love it. The features of iLauncer7 is awesome. Hope guys you will like this iPhone themes for your android.
Download iLauncher 7 APK | Get iLauncher from Google Play

INoty – IOS9 Style Notification Bar On Android

iNoty is a another sub product of iLauncer7. This is custom notification bar for android. By using iNoty apk apps you can change your android default notification to iOS9 style. This apps is very popular apps right now for all android users.

Do you know OS 9.3 is release for all iPhone , and lots of people like design of OS9 , it’s very famous and elegant , all components are beautiful . but they design iNoty for Phone 6S only , now we bring Notification bar style OS 9 to android and it’s iNoty style OS 9 iNoty OS9 show many information ( time , weather , sms ….) and this is useful iNotify application to help you handle your phone everyday. iNoty is best apps to change android notification bar like iOS9. This is free on google play store. If you want, then you should buy full version or ad free version iNoty apps.
Download iNoty APK | Get iNoty style OS 9 form Google Play

OS 9 Launcher QHD For Android Latest Version

OS 9 Launcher is one of best iPhone launcher for android. It have some great features. Smooth icon animation of this apps are very good and very sensitive. Over 200+ apps custom icon pack have on this OS 9 Launcher QHD. By using OS 9 iPhone launcher for android, you’ll get some beautiful and awesome HD wallpaper for your android phone. 

9 OS Launcher QHD iPhone launcher for android is a very cool Quad HD resolution ready launcher for your Android Smart Phones. The power and memory efficiency of this application makes it more cooler than other launcher application. This application consumes no battery and increase mobile idle time. This apps change your user experience by using this iPhone themes apps for your android mobile.
OS 9 Launcher QHD APK Download | Get OS 9 Launcher QHD form Google Play

OS9 Launcher HD Smooth & IPhone Theme

Download this launcher for android for free from google play store. When you looking for iPhone Launcher for android, then it comes to choice better apps for it. OS9 Launcher HD smooth with theme is another best and user friendly iOS Launcher for android and smart tablet. All features of iOS9 have on this android apps. By using this apps, you’ll get best favor of iOS9.

os9 launcher for android free is Easy to use, light, smooth, beautiful;The best launcher for androidQuick Touch(Fast, Convenient, Time-saving) to help you, without opening APP directly use app. More shortcuts on-line soon, please pay attention to our updates…Are your bored with Android interface? os Launcher is for you! All are os9 style: ICON、operating、wallpaper、search…Do you want intelligent app sort? Automatic sort apps to Games Media Social Shopping Travel Lifestyle Theme and system. So guys, don’t late to download this awesome apps from google play store.Get OS9 Launcher HD-smooth & theme form google play

One Launcher Best IPhone Launcher For Android

It is very hard to defined all best iPhone launcher for android from google play store. Because all apps are best without some apps. One Launcher is another best iPhone themes for Android. It have some awesome transitions effect for home page that will change your experience. You should use this apps with low memory smartphone. Because it is very simple, small and user friendly iPhone launcher.

One Launcher for android is an easy-to-use, no-frills free launcher for Android. we believe Simple is Beautiful. Our Launcher do not hog your precious memory resources, nor do we use up your CPU cycles. We just give you a highly-optimized, better-than stock Android Home Screen replacement with a clean and polished interface. This is totally free android launcher apk download from google play store.

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